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5 Time World Muay Thai Champion and World Extreme Cage Fighting (WEC) Lightweight Champion Razor Rob McCullough shows you the fundamentals of Muay Thai covering, strikes, knees, kicking, combinations and drills. Since his success in Muay Thai Rob has amassed a Mixed Martial Arts record of 12-3, with 9 KO's. He is considered one of the best strikers in the sport today. In addition to Rob’s 5 volumes you get 2 more with with former World Champion Vince Soborano who covers Counters, Defense and leg attacks.

Vol 1: Muay Thai Fundamentals – Foot positioning, breathing and balance, jabs and crosses, leg checks, angles, pivots and weight transfer, leg kicks, hip power, and more fundamentals providing the base to take them out hard and fast! (50 mins)

Vol 2:  Muay Thai Strikes – How to hurt, stun, cut & kayo with Jabs and uppercuts, elbow strikes, spinning elbows, punch and elbow combos, elbow strikes over the top, the hooking elbow, plus range, hip power, targeting, and more! (58 mins)

Vol 3: Muay Thai Knees – This is Muay Thai at its finest, with front knees, knee targets, knee training on thai pads & half bag, strikes from the clinch, side knee attacks, finding your range, and more hip power explanation. (38 mins)

Vol 4: Muay Thai Kicking – There is no greater way to generate power in the ring or cage! Thai kicks with & without thai pads, to the legs, body, neck, and head, using the shin bone,  push kicks switch kicks, finding your range, and more! (44 mins)

Vol 5: Leg Attacks for MMA – Cut, Chopping, and Checking kick details and their sets ups, from the outside and inside, plus applications to defend against takedowns, to set up takedowns, to set up submissions, up kicks, and more! (40 mins)   

Vol 6: Counters and Defense – Use Muay Thai to counter the wrestler (upper and lower body takedowns), the boxer, and the Muay Thai fighter. On the ground strike into open & closed guard, into bottom mount, plus mount escapes, and more! (48 mins)

Vol 7: Combinations & Drills – Bring your entire game together, with the most effective combinations in the game,  and then use Thai pads, banana bags, half bags, and  more to hone them to perfection! (47 min)

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