The Entire Muay Thai System-Melchor Menor


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The Entire Muay Thai System-Melchor Menor

Now you can learn Mel's Complete Muay Thai System on just 3 DVD's. Whether you want to master the devastating art of Muay Thai or just add to your arsenal, this series is for you! These interactive DVD's are easy to navigate and you can jump to any scene. You can view in slow motion and you never have to rewind to train. The end result is that you learn faster and easier.

DVD-1 Introduction to Kickboxing:  Champion Menor teaches you the basics of kickboxing.

DVD-2 Intermediate Muay Thai:  In this explosive DVD Mel guides you through the devastating techniques of arms, legs, elbows, and knee's as weapons.

DVD-3 Advanced Muay Thai:  Champion Menor takes you through the advanced world of Muay Thai. Discover his own advanced system which made him a champion. Learn knockout techniques that have won him titles around the world.

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