Muaythai Chaiyuth DVD 3-Basic Preparation Practice Series


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Video Training Course - Muay Thai Chaiyuth by Teacher Chakraphob Charoenrat

The Traditional Art of Muay Thai - Chaiyuth

At last, an English language video training course on traditional Thai Boxing,Muay Thai. This martial art form was encouraged by the kings of early Siam along with sword fighting to build an army capable of defeating Siam's enemies. It is still encouraged by the Thai Royal Army to prepare its troops. It has formed the basis of modern day professional and amateur Muay Thai and the techniques taught in these videos can be seen in action in the ring every day. Chaiyuth means "Winning Strategy".

Use these DVDs to learn self-defense, Thai boxing arts and for general physical and mental fitness. Teacher Chakraphob Charoenrat is Thailand's leading instructor.

For many generations the art of Muay Thai has been passed on from teacher to teacher. Teacher Chakraphob was advised by His Majesty King Bhumipol to continue this practice as his knowledge was a national treasure and Teacher Chakraphob was obliged to preserve it for future generations.

Volume 3 - Basic Preparation Practice

  • Muay Thai warm-up

This DVD concentrates of preparing both physical and metal fitness in order to practice the art of Muay Thai. A series of exercises are shown which include meditation during the physical exercise. The Thai proverb says that a good mind brings about a healthy body. The purpose of practicing Chaiyuth Thai boxing is to exercise both the mind and body, to achieve their maximum efficiently. Even if you are not intending taking up the sport of Muay Thai, this DVD will give you a good fitness regimen.

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