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While his name may not be too wel known to many martial artists, Yodthong Senanan (aka Kruu Tui) is THE official master of Muay Thai in Thailand. This an official title, remitted by the hand of the Crown Princess in 1991.

His input in Muay Thai is invaluable. For instance, he is one of the writers of the bible of Muay Thai, to be used to instruct instructors. He is regularly a technical adviser for Thai boxers in international competitions. He is a speaker in conferences and congresses about Muay Thai. He got to instruct, of course some longer than others, more than 10,000 young boxers!

In this DVD, learn the "official" Muay Thai techniques direct from the highest living source.


---DVD 1---

Charms & amulets to acquire magical & mental power

Training in former times

Training of Thai boxers: Training of the mind & body

Initiation ceremony

Thai martial art music

Major techniques (15 most important techniques passed down since ancient times)
--Salab Fun Pla
--Paksa Waek Rang
--Hak Kor Mahingsa
--Hanuman Tawaiwaen
--Java Sad Hok
--Praram Yieb Loangka
--Tad Mala
--Pak Taitoy
--Hak Nguang Iyara
--Mon Yan Lak
--Hanuman Hern Weha
--Pranarai Khamsamut
--Jorake Fadhang
--Hakor Erawan
--Naka Bidhang

Complimentary techniques (15)

Evolution of Muay Thai: From ground to ring, from bare hands to gloves

Yodthong Senanan and his achievements

Champions & good fighters

Martial art, a world heritage

---DVD 2---

How to learn the art of Thai Boxing on your own

Using the fists
--Forward punch
--Straight punch
--Reverse Punch & the Swing
--Using the elbows

Using the knees
--Forward knee
--Knee Defense
--Knee defense by using the elbows
--Knee defense by using the knees
--Knee defense by using the arms

Using the feet
--Knee defense by using the feet
--Knee defense by using the straight feet

-Boxing bout and popularity in the modern world
-Preparation of physical fitness
-Thai Boxing equipment
-Wai Khru or "Teacher - Respect Ceremony"

-The correct way of kicking
-How to shove with the feet
-Complimentary techniques
-Defending the straight punch with straight elbow
-Defending the straight punch with reverse elbow
-Defending the straight punch with a foot shove
-Defending the straight punch with a right knee
-Defending the straight punch with a left knee
-Defending the straight punch with a kick
-Defending the straight punch by kicking the front leg
-Defending the straight punch by kicking the upper shoulder
-Defending the straight punch by uppercut
-Defending the straight punch by elbow
-Defending the kick by elbow
-Defending the kick with reverse elbow
-How to block the knee through pushing
-Defending the round kick with a knee

-Defending a round kick with a punch, reverse punch, upper cut, elbow

-How to defend shoving with kicking

Muay Thai self defense
-Gun disarm by elbow
-Knife defense with a knee
-Club defense with an elbow

Contemporary Thai Boxing camps in Thailand
1 - Sing Muang Nakorn - Ruam Jai Peun Camp
2 - Vor Va La Pol - Kieat Sing Noi Camp
3 - Por Pong Sa Wang - Tor Sit Ti Chai Camp
4 - Sitr Khru Aod Camp
5 - Nong Kee Pa Hu Yuth Camp
6 - Por Muang Ubol - Sitr Lert Chai
7 - Sitr Yod Thong - Payak Aroon Camp
8 - Prai Anan - Luok Bang Pra Sroi Camp

Rules & regulations of Thai Boxing

Main difference between amateur & professional rules

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