Floor Bag Workout-The Ultimate Solo Training for Grapplers and Groundfighters-Mark Hatmaker


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Floor Bag Workout

The Ultimate Solo Training for Grapplers and Groundfighters-Mark Hatmaker

Using an ordinary heavy bag, Mark Hatmaker teaches you a variety of lifting exercises that will develop the grip and strength you need to dynamically maneuver an opponent at close range. He then teaches you how to tune your grappling skills on the bag, using it to drill fundamental techniques as well as specific submission moves and combinations. Finally, Hatmaker shows how to use the heavy bag for techniques that are too dangerous to drill with a live partner, including power throws and slams, chokes, stomps and hamburger rides, as well as high-speed drills that combine all these skills into a nonstop, heart-pumping workout.

Mark Hatmaker is a lifelong student of the martial arts with more than 24 years of experience in Western boxing, wrestling, and no-holds-barred fighting. Known as "The Professor of Grappling," he is widely recognized for his pragmatic, results-oriented approach to combat training. Hatmaker conducts regular seminars across the country.

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