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Fighting with the Saber and Cutlass is really not for people who are only interested in gaining dexterity in sport fencing or the learning the superficial choreographic techniques used for stage and screen. There are plenty of resources available on the market for learning those skills. This DVD set is designed as a serious, straightforward, and focused course that deals solely with the combative use of the saber and cutlass. The series begins by illustrating how to properly oppose an opponent who is armed with a weapon that is similar to your own. This is the best way to build the necessary foundation of skills, techniques, and eye-hand coordination that will allow you to oppose a wide spectrum of adversaries who are armed with all kinds of street weapons. After learning and refining your basic skills you will be ready to progress to the seldom taught subjects of infighting, grappling, and brawling with a saber. There is even a section on how to throw a saber with great effect in a combat situation.

This two-DVD set is an excellent introduction into use of the saber and cutlass as they might have been used in actual combat. Learning the techniques taught in this DVD set will certainly make the person who masters them a formidable opponent. For the sport fencer, these DVDs will no doubt be of interest, but they don't really teach techniques to be used in a sporting contest.

The DVDs cover a multiple applications with the saber, to include:
*Gripping Methods
*Ready Stance or On Guard Position
*Footwork Methods
*Fighting Ranges
*Seven Primary Cutting Methods
*Five Primary Thrusting Methods
*8 Essential Parries
*Cut, Thrust, and Parry Drills
*Combat Strategy
*How to Recognize and Create Openings
*Throwing the Saber or Cutlass

DVD number 1 in the set is taught by Anthony DeLongis, and is absolutely outstanding in its quality and instruction. Mr. DeLongis is clearly a skilled martial artist, and absolute master with the saber. His demonstrations on the DVD are both a pleasure to watch and are presented in a manner that lets one develop a basic skills set with the saber, using the DVD instruction.

DVD number 2 in the set is taught by Lynn C. Thompson of the "Cold Steel" company. Mr. Thompson is no doubt a skilled martial artist in his own right, but is clearly outclassed by Mr. DeLongis. Mr. Thompson seems to be aware of this as he several times in the 2nd DVD mentions his own years of martial arts training, or how quick his eye is supposed to be, or is own perceived advantage in using the saber.

Still, DVD number 2 provides the viewer with several good techniques and tricks in using the saber, which will certainly serve a man well should he ever actually use a saber in actual combat.

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